New website! My website used to be trrrm.com but I got fed up with having to tell people how to spell it, so here we are. Helm108 was picked because for whatever reason this scene from The Fifth Element got itself stuck in my head and occasionally surfaces itself for various reasons, and I thought it would be a good name to operate under.

I’d been working on this site for a while, but finishing Iomante and wanting to publish it as soon as possible meant I had to get on with helm108, so that gave me some drive to actually get it up and running. It turns out that actually finishing things feels amazing!

Basic technical details: this is a static website powered by Jekyll. It’s running on a Digital Ocean box from inside a Docker container that is controlled by Dokku. I really like Jekyll. I’m uncertain about Dokku, when things go wrong it can be a pain to debug, but after working out some kinks I’m happy to keep using it.

I’ve been using Gitlab as my remote repo for the source, partially because they give you free private git repositories but also because of the free Gitlab CI service. I did have continuous integration working on helm108.com’s source but I recently broke it, so I need to revisit that. When I do, I’ll explain my setup here.

That’s all for now. Future blog posts should get less wishy-washy and more technical heading forward.