Dev Log 2017-04-03

Current status of my current relevant work:

  • Helm108, the webserver, now runs off my own code instead of dokku. It took ages but it works and that’s awesome.
  • I’ve got my head around the basics of VueJS and Firebase and can now build basic apps in a short amount of time. This makes me happy. I’ve made:
    • The scaffolding for a crazy idea for a multiplayer lobby thing that you could use to build any kind of multi-user game/app with instancing and joining and spectating. I then realised this was a crazy thing to build for my first Vue app and stopped, but it taught me a lot.
Status: Abandoned but treasured.

* Decided to bail on the first idea and built a todo app instead. Much easier, and it worked nicely. Used it as an opportunity to learn to integrate Firebase better than I did it with the first thing.

Status: Abandoned and forgotten like bicycle training wheels.

* A tool at work for displaying data from JIRA that JIRA doesn't surface itself about how much time each user has spent on tickets in a given sprint.  JIRA plugins exist that do this, but I wanted to make a VueJS app and this seemed like a great task to tackle.

Status: In development, but most of the complexity is with interacting with the API rather than learning Vue.

* [Rossketleague]( is a VueJS frontend for a spreadsheet that contains data about a Rocket League tournament between myself and two friends, one named Ross. The spreadsheet uses [Drive CMS]( to publish data to Firebase, which is then read by the Vue app.

Status: Basically complete, but I will update it later to show more detailed stats.
  • I want to get back into playing around with Phaser and working on game ideas, but that’ll happen once I’ve written all my Helm108 server blog posts.

That’s all pretty cool. It’s nice to be where I am with VueJS, if I have an idea now I can knock something up in a couple of hours and that’s so cool. I feel like an actual developer again instead of yet another person that “wants to learn [framework] because it sounds cool” and doesn’t actually make anything.

Oh yeah and I gotta finish up the design for this site.